Authenticating a Pro Hart Artwork

Pro Hart has been painting full time since 1958. Taking his inspiration from growing up and living in the mining town of Broken Hill, he has painted everything from landscapes and miners, to religious scenes of his interpretation, political events, to scenes from all of his various travels.

In recent years the secondary sales market has become a force in dealing in Pro Hart artworks and with painting retail prices rising approximately 30% in the last year, Pro Hart has become one of the most popular investment artists in Australia.

Whether or not you are buying a Pro Hart artwork for investment or just for viewing pleasure, it is important to know what you are buying is an authentic piece of artwork.

Every year consumers purchase artworks that are copies produced without the artists' knowledge. Pro Hart Art Sales Pty Ltd has taken steps in recent years to secure Pro's artworks from forgery and counterfeiting by applying the Pro Hart DNA ArtMark to all of the paintings that are offered for sale in the Broken Hill Gallery and all of its agents Australia wide.

The Pro Hart DNA ArtMark is a comprehensive system in which gene segments of Pro Hart's own DNA is combined with special invisible optical indicators to form a DNA Matrix which is then applied to each and every painting. The optical ingredients are almost impossible to counterfeit and allows instant electronic verification of the presence and authenticity of the artwork.

Digital images are then taken, along with all the relevant details, including the location of the Pro Hart DNA ArtMark and microchip serial numbers are entered into a database, with Pro Hart Art Sales Pty Ltd and Brand Integrity International. This then allows a network of investigators with secure access to these databases to confirm authenticity anywhere in the world.

The best way to assure yourself that you are buying an authentic Pro Hart artwork is to only buy from a registered agent of Pro Hart. If you are buying on the secondary market you should only buy from a reputable auction house and insist on seeing certificates of authenticity and proof of the DNA ArtMark. Only Brand Integrity International Pty Ltd, Pro Hart Art Sales Pty Ltd and its registered agents are authorized to issue DNA Certificates of authenticity on behalf of Pro Hart.

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